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F1000Research is an Open Science publishing platform offering immediate publication of posters, slides and articles with no editorial bias. All articles benefit from transparent peer review and the inclusion of all source data.

Ebola Virus Particles by NIAID, used under CC BY. Desaturated from original.

Why Publish on ?

Immediate Publication
The traditional anonymous pre-publication peer review of research articles can cause long delays before new results become visible. F1000Research uses an author-led process, publishing all scientific research within a few days. Open, invited peer review of articles is conducted after publication, focusing on scientific soundness rather than novelty or impact.
To see a paper in 5 days, in a professional layout, is quite astounding. Two useful referee reports appeared in less than two weeks, supporting the notion that peer review can be done openly.
Jurgen Schnermann, NIDDK/NIH Bethesda, USA
Why fast publication is important// 63 sec

Why transparency is essential// 62 sec
Transparent Refereeing
of Articles
Open peer review of articles removes the secrecy and anonymity that can bias the way scientists critique each others’ work. In F1000Research, signed referee reviews and author responses are published alongside each article. Authors can publish revised versions of their articles at no extra cost. All articles that pass peer review are indexed in PubMed.

No Editorial Bias
Much valid science remains unpublished, wasting the investment of the researchers’ time and funding, and biasing the scientific record. F1000Research encourages the publication of all findings, including null/negative results, small findings, case reports, data notes and observation articles.
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Data Included
Access to the data underlying new findings is crucial to enable reanalysis, replication attempts and data reuse. All research articles published by F1000Research are accompanied by the data on which the reported results are based (being sensitive to genuine data protection concerns).

Free Sharing of Posters and Slides
Publishing academic posters and slides is the first step to openly sharing research. F1000Research enables free, immediate publication of these formats, making them fully citable, increasing their visibility and enabling early feedback from the scientific community.
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    Varying curvature and angularity of architectural facades can influence aesthetic judgments.

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    DREAMTools: a Python package for scoring collaborative challenges. Cokelaer T et al., published by @F1000Research,

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