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Colonoscopic polyp detection rate is stable throughout the workday including evening colonoscopy sessions [v1; ref status: indexed,]

PUBLISHED: 13 May 2014

David Thurtle, Michael Pullinger, Jordan Tsigarides et al

F1000Research 2014, 3:107

Colonoscopy is an important screening and surveillance tool that can be used to detect pre-malignant lesions such as polyps and adenomas. Due to increasing demands for this procedure and patient convenience,... Read more ▶
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Resolving the paradox for protein aggregation diseases: NMR structure and dynamics of the membrane-embedded P56S-MSP causing ALS imply a common mechanism for aggregation-prone proteins to attack membranes
[v2; ref status: indexed,]

PUBLISHED: 22 Jul 2014

Haina Qin, Liangzhong Lim, Yuanyuan Wei et al

F1000Research 2014, 2:221

Research Article
Functional characterization of Candida albicans Hos2 histone deacetylase
[v3; ref status: indexed,]

PUBLISHED: 22 Jul 2014

G Karthikeyan, Maneesh Paul-Satyaseela, Nachiappan Dhatchana Moorthy et al

F1000Research 2014, 2:238

Research Article
Validation of the peroneal nerve test to diagnose critical illness polyneuropathy and myopathy in the intensive care unit: the multicentre Italian CRIMYNE-2 diagnostic accuracy study
[v3; ref status: indexed,]

PUBLISHED: 21 Jul 2014

Nicola Latronico, Giovanni Nattino, Bruno Guarneri et al

F1000Research 2014, 3:127

Data Note
Neurosharing: large-scale data sets (spike, LFP) recorded from the hippocampal-entorhinal system in behaving rats
[v2; ref status: indexed,]

PUBLISHED: 18 Jul 2014

Kenji Mizuseki, Kamran Diba, Eva Pastalkova et al

F1000Research 2014, 3:98

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    09 Jul 2014

    Nikolaus Kriegeskorte discusses the increased rate of retractions in an article for The Conversation. He recommends open peer review as a solution, and mentions F1000Research as an example of one of the... Read more ▶

  • Open publishing can improve access to knowledge
    03 Jul 2014

    F1000Research Managing Director, Rebecca Lawrence, writes a feature for PMLive on publication bias, highlighting thesystemic problems of the traditional publishing process. The feature also describes the... Read more ▶

We have had several scientists in academia and biotech contact us regarding reagents or possible collaborations. Certainly, people are noticing F1000Research!
Larry Kane
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
With other labs carrying out similar research, it was essential that I published the work first. F1000Research enabled me to make my research publicly available very rapidly.
Margaret Katz
University of New England
Armidale, Australia
To see a paper in 5 days in a professional layout is quite astounding. Two useful referee reports appeared in less than two weeks supporting the notion that peer review can be done openly.
Jurgen Schnermann
Bethesda, MD, USA
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