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Article Processing Charges
F1000Research charges an article-processing charge (APC) for all articles. No charge is levied on posters and slides, which are free to both view and deposit.
Article Processing Charges* (APCs) in F1000Research are based on word counts, irrespective of the article type. Article word counts will be calculated for the main body, i.e. excluding the title, abstract, tables, figure and data legends, and references. A discretionary 10% may be allowed to account for different word-counting methods and small additions that may be requested by the F1000Research team during the pre-publication checks. If significant changes are required prior to publication (e.g. if compulsory article sections were missing), the article’s banding (and hence fee) may have to be adjusted.
WORD COUNT PRICE File size of associated data files
up to 1000 words (short article) US $150 up to 10 MB
1000-2500 words (medium article) US $500 up to 1 GB
over 2500 words (long article) # US $1000 up to 1 GB
* UK customers will also be subject to pay VAT on these fees.
An additional charge of $300 is required to cover hosting fees for up to 1 GB of data.
# A surcharge of $1000 will be placed on any article that is over 8000 words in length to cover the considerable additional processing costs. For articles that are longer than 15,000 words, please contact us.
Article types and large datasets
The criteria for different article types are outlined in our article guidelines.
In all cases, we can handle much larger datasets but we will need to charge extra to cover the storage costs involved; contact us to discuss your requirements and the options available.
Revised and Update articles
Authors can publish one or more new versions of a published article at no extra charge. A revised version is usually published in response to points raised during the peer-review process; an update is a new version that reflects small developments in the research since publication.
When the APC is payable
After any discounts or waivers are taken into account (see below), charges are payable once the article has been accepted for publishing (i.e. following successful completion of our pre-publication checks).
What the APC covers
The APC covers the publishing costs, including editorial checks and improvements to the article before publication, data hosting (where applicable), typesetting and other aspects of production, as well as technical development and maintenance of the publishing platform.
We also provide administrative support during peer review, which is led by the authors, who are solely responsible for suggesting suitable referees in a timely manner. As with any publisher, we cannot guarantee that peer review is completed in a specific time frame.
Pre-payment packages
Pre-pay membership packages are also available for institutions which include various levels of discount on the individual article fees listed above – for enquiries, please contact
Discounts and waivers
Articles whose main topic we consider suitable for the scope of the subject area “Publishing, Education and Communication” and which do not exceed the length limit of a long article (8,000 words) will receive a 100% waiver in 2016.
No article processing charge is levied on Editorials, F1000 Faculty Reviews and F1000 Faculty Critiques.
The following discounts will be given if one of the authors on the article falls into one of these groups:
F1000Research referees: 50% discount on any article submitted within the ensuing 12 months.
F1000Research Advisory Board members: 50% discount.
F1000 Faculty Members: up to 50%, depending on role.
Discounts cannot be combined to cover the fee for a single article. If authors on an article are eligible for various individual discounts, the largest discount is applied.
We fully support the HINARI/AGORA Access to Research in Health Programme; for articles presenting original research a full waiver is given to authors from HINARI group A countries, and a 50% discount to authors from group B. Additionally, we will also consider individual full or partial waiver requests on a case-by-case basis in situations where there is a lack of funds.
Free publication of a short article from Workspace
Subscribers to F1000 who visit F1000Workspace will be eligible to publish one short article (see definition above) free from article processing charges (offer valid for 12 months from date of accessing F1000Workspace).
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